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Jeff was born and raised in the front range of Northern Colorado. His entire childhood was spent on his families 10,000+ acre farm. With his father's guidance and encouragement, Jeff learned at an early age to analyze, plan an dmake decisions on his own. He quickly mastered the operation and maintenance of a wide range of agricultural equipment and the management of land and livestock. Early on, Jeff knew that the land would always be his passion and inspiration.

He is the founder and CEO of 21st Development Solutions, LLC.

Prior to 21st Development Solutions, Jeff invested over 15 years developing and expanding his repertoire of skills. During this state, he transformed 900 acres of non-productive grassland into valuable, irrigated crop farms. Also, Jeff greatly elevated productivity of another 1,600 acres of land by designing and installing highly efficient pivot irrigation systems. Further, he personally owned and farmed over 500 acres of prime land. In addition to his extensive feeder cattle operation, Jeff farmed corn, hay, beans, sugar beets and wheat. Jeff's management expertise allowed him to leverage his talented crew and vast, state-of-the-art equipment inventory to crop share another 2,000 acres. During that same period, Jeff custom farmed 3,000 acres of privately owned land. His custom contract services included disking, plowing, mulching, leveling, planting, herbicide spraying and harvesting.

Jeff's stellar work and accomplishments have been showcased in Valley Magazine. In 1996, he was named in the Top 10 Beet Growers in Colorado. He resides in Eaton, Colorado.

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Owner, CEO

At the young age of 16, Alex Cruz has become a very valuable member of the 21st Development Solutions operations and construction team.

Most of Alexs early years were spent on a mid-size dairy farm in the Platteville-Gilcrest area. He and his father, Zenon Cruz, grew large-scale crops, such as silage corn, alfalfa, milo, and triticale. Under his dads watchful eye, Alex was driving farm equipment by age five (5). Reaching eight (8) years of age and with the continued supervision and instruction of his father, Alex was capably operating practically every piece of equipment on the farm.

After moving to Greeley, Colorado, Alex joined his father in working for Jeff Pappenheim, 21st Development Solutions President & CEO. This decision yielded greater opportunity and a better life for them both. Demonstrating a rare blend of maturity, focus, and determination, Alex balances both work and school. He is involved in soccer and Future Farmers of America (FFA) at Valley High School in Gilcrest. Possessing work skills, knowledge and experience far beyond his years, his impressive level of agricultural and construction expertise has been accrued and honed during his 3.5 year tenure at 21st Development Solutions.

Alex is highly proficient at operating backhoes, excavators, and the 9420 John Deere tractor and scraper to create ponds and lagoons to exacting client specifications. He clearly understands that total customer satisfaction is the key to long lasting relationships and success.

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